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Bespoke Crackers

We collaborate with many customers to develop and create branded crackers for the retail, corporate and catering industries, aiming to help promote their brand and spread their message in an innovative and fun way. In working with us, you are able to bring your ideas, logos and branding to the design process and be fully involved in decision making every step of the way. Our in-house graphic designers can work alongside your team to develop exciting and wonderful new ideas. With our experience and your insight and knowledge of your customers, we will be unstoppable!

Our traditional handmade production that runs from our Dorset base throughout the year designs, develops and crafts all of the crackers that you see in our gallery and within the brochure.

We have a fleet of dedicated cracker technicians who are trained and year on year develop new methods and styles to keep up with current trends. Our sales and creative team will help to guide you towards what is most suitable for your needs and give you plenty of ideas to think about. Production fills up very fast, with orders flooding in from as early as January. So if you see something you like, let’s talk soon!

If you have a higher quantity requirement or smaller budget, we also have developed our card cracker range in recent years which is now bursting with modern colours, styles and even great contents. All of the card crackers are designed in our UK offices and then made in China.

We manufacture everything in our product range ourselves which is why we are able to offer you great prices (cutting out the ‘middle man’) as well as expert advice about printing and manufacturing techniques that we could use. These crackers are particularly great for promotional ideas!

Every member of our team believes that working closely with our customers, whether it be help in creating their own designs or choosing from the ranges we have, is of tantamount importance. So whatever your budget, whatever your brief, we will be delighted to help.

Any enquiries are welcome, so please contact us. We provide individual and bespoke solutions, so do not hesitate to challenge us with your particular ideas, and we can show you the array of possibilities.

Bespoke Cracker Gallery

Below are a few example of some of the crackers we have produced. Click through the gallery to view.